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Who are we?


Vasil Statev is Manager and sole Owner of B.C.Consult LTD.

Our company is established in fall of 2006, with the main focus of Consultancy, Basic design, Processes, Technology and Effectiveness optimization in Phosphates processing.

Our main expertise is in the area of Feed phosphates – MCP/DCP, Phosphate Fertilizers, Industrial Sodium phosphates and Phosphoric acid treatment.

Vasil is a highly experienced with extensive onsite time plant troubleshooting, commissioning and operations optimization across a number of international projects.

Areas of Expertise

  • Feed phosphates operations and design
  • Technical grade phosphates operations and design
  • Phosphate fertilizers operations and design
  • Phosphoric acid treatment for feed or technical grade products
  • Food and Pharma grade phosphates

What we offer?

B.C. Consult Ltd offers expert services in phosphates processing and technologies

How can we be in help?

With the knowledge and on field experience accumulated more than three decades

Are you in need of an expert and independent opinion on the acquisition or optimization of an existing production?

The technical audit and assessment of your production units’ technical and economical condition is a part of our specialties. 

Is the optimization or troubleshooting of your production a problem you need to solve?

The optimization of running production units and choosing the most suitable equipment for it is a part of our expertise.

Do you have old, unprofitable, noncompetitive production that you want to close? 

We are experienced in revamping, process changes, and new product development with a huge success rate.

Are you planning an investment in a production you don’t know enough about?

Our expert services include a detailed feasibility study and correct estimations, which are mandatory requirements for minimizing investment risks.

Have you decided to build a new production unit?

We know that the right process design and the correct basic engineering are one of the foundations for well-functioning and successful production. That is why we are here to support you.

Are you in the need of an expert support and adviser?

Honesty and loyalty to the customer is the main credo in our work. Having not only satisfied customers, but also good friends all over the world is our goal!

Recent Work

We have done number of successful projects all over the world. 

Consultancy job, Feasibility studies, Technical audits, Process optimizations, Economics optimizations, Basic engineering, Detailed engineering, Commissioning, New products development, Consultancy, Due diligence are in our portfolio.

OCP Morocco

JESA Morocco

MFI Tunisia

ELIXIR Group Serbia


SNC Lavalin Belgium

Aditia Birla Thailand

OCP Morocco

Consultant of OCP - Feed phosphate division development. Process design Basic and Detailed Engineering.  Commissioning assistance. Effectiveness improvements. New products development assistance.

JESA Morocco

Consultant - Feed phosphates. Conceptual design assistance. Process design, Material and energy balances, Plant layout and equipment lists preparation assistance.

MFI Tunisia

Consultant in new business development. Custom DCP and MCP process development. Commissioning assistance. Production and quality improvement assistance.

Elixir Group Serbia

Consultant in Feed phosphates production development. Old TSP granulation plant, revamped for production of MCP. Plant layout and equipment upgrading assistance. Productivity and quality improvement assistance.

KPC Iran

Consultant - restart of activities, STPP production unit. Feasibility study - change of production activities. Production of  Feed grade phosphates and Water soluble fertilizers on STPP plant layout.


Consultant - New business development intentions. Feasibility study - Feed grade phosphates / DCP and MCP/  plant build up intentions.

Prayon Technologies Belgium

Consultant - Feed grade products. Feasibility study - Precipitated DCP plant build up evaluations. Assistance in Process design development.

SNC Lavalin Belgium

Consultant - Feed grade products. Evaluations in bidding procedures.

Brinsa Colombia

Consultant - new business development. Feasibility study - precipitated DCP plant build up intentions.

UCCI Syria

Consultant - precipitated DCP, debottlenecking actions after fails of  commissioning.

Yamama Co. UAE/Jordan

Consultant - New business development. Feed phosphates / DCP and MCP/ Feasibility study and Conceptual design.


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